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Copyright 1966, American Medical Association
Reprinted from JAMA 197:999-1005, 1966.

Educational Background of
Chiropractic School Faculties (1966)

Catalog Analysis
Canadian Chiropractic College

Source of information: Page 13 of the 1966-1967 catalog.

There are three faculty members who list four different "spurious" degrees (other than DC). These are PhC, believed to stand for Doctor of Chiropractic Philosophy or Philosopher of Chiropractic; FICC, believed to stand for Fellow of the International College of Chiropractors; CCCR, believed to stand for Canadian College of Chiropractic Roentgenologists; and DScA, which is not listed in the Office of Education's book, "Academic Degrees." The dean and assistant dean of this school list no recognized academic degrees, and the registrar for the school lists no degree. The departments of anatomy, psychology, pathology, and x-ray list no faculty member with a recognized academic degree.

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