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Copyright 1966, American Medical Association
Reprinted from JAMA 197:999-1005, 1966.

Educational Background of
Chiropractic School Faculties (1966)

Catalog Analysis
Cleveland Chiropractic College (Los Angeles)

Source of information: Inside back cover of the 1965-1968 catalog.

This catalog does not list a faculty as such. The seven "Officers of Administration" include a president, dean, associate dean, secretary, two assistant secretaries, and a registrar. It is not known if the "Officers of Administration" have teaching responsibilities. It is believed the spurious "FICA degree" stands for Fellow of the International Chiropractors Association. The dean of this school is listed in the directory of one of the two national chiropractic associations as residing in a section of the United States other than that in which the school is located

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