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Copyright 1966, American Medical Association
Reprinted from JAMA 197:999-1005, 1966.

Educational Background of
Chiropractic School Faculties (1966)

Catalog Analysis
Palmer Chiropractic College

Source of information: Pages 46-49 of the 1965-1966 catalog.

The confirmed academic degrees include one doctorate (EdD) degree, three masters degrees, and eight bachelors degrees. The one faculty member listing no academic degree is a lecturer in chiropractic humanities and is listed as a "noted chiropractic writer, editor and publisher." The dean of basic sciences and professor of anatomy and diagnosis lists no recognized four-year academic degree. The dean of the faculty, chairman of the x-ray department, and director of education and professor of anatomy, all full "professors," list no recognized academic degrees, possessing only the "spurious" DC and PhC degrees. The "associate professor" of chemistry and diagnosis, who is also the director of athletics, holds a BS degree in business administration. Another faculty member who holds a BS degree in animal husbandry is an "associate professor" of physiology and pathology. The "associate professor" of chemistry and bacteriology, the "assistant professor" of anatomy and pathology, and all the instructors in x-ray list no academic degrees. 'Mis is the largest of all the chiropractic schools surveyed, having a student enrollment of approximately 1,100.

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