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Copyright 1966, American Medical Association
Reprinted from JAMA 197:999-1005, 1966.

Educational Background of
Chiropractic School Faculties (1966)

Catalog Analysis
Los Angeles Chiropractic College

Source of information: Pages 8-11 of the 1964-1965 bulletin.

The 1964-1965 bulletin for this school was distributed during 1966. In addition to the 44 names listed as members of the faculty, the catalog includes a section called "Clinic Staff," in which there are two additional names listed other than faculty members. The two nonfaculty clinic staff members list no degrees after their names. Of the three names listed under the heading "Library," one also appears with the regular faculty. Furthermore the head librarian's name does not appear with the faculty, whereas an assistant librarian's name does. ne faculty-listed assistant librarian shows a PhD degree; the head librarian has no degree following her name.

Five faculty members list recognized academic degrees, but their degrees are classified as "doubtful" because the request for confirmation of those degrees was never answered by the granting institutions. These include three bachelors degrees, one masters, and two PhD's. All but one of these degrees are from foreign schools. One of these "doubtful" degrees (PhD) belongs to the faculty-listed assistant librarian mentioned above. For the purpose of this study, "doubtful" degrees will be included under unconfirmed degrees.

The unconfirmed degrees include four bachelors degrees, one masters degree, two bachelor of laws degrees (LLB), one PhD degree, and one doctor of osteopathy (DO) degree. Two faculty members list two unconfirmed degrees. One of them lists a DO degree and an LLB degree. Both granting institutions had no record of the person involved. The other individual with two unconfirmed degrees lists a BA degree and an MS degree. The records of both granting institutions showed the person as having attended their schools for a short time but never finishing.

In the other cases of the unconfirmed degrees, another person listing an LLB degree never graduated from the school he lists, whereas four more granting institutions listed by these faculty members (three bachelor degrees and one PhD degree) had no record of the individuals involved. ne confirmed academic degrees include 14 bachelors, five masters, one PhD, one doctor of optometry, one graduate in pharmacy (PhG), and one doctor of veterinary medicine (DVM) degrees.

The two "spurious" degrees include an OCR degree, presumably standing for "Order of Christ the King." This same individual lists an honorary Litt D degree from a Christian institute in a southern state. This degree was not checked for verification. The other "spurious" degree is a DPM degree from a defunct "diploma mill," the Los Angeles College of Drugless Physicians. It is believed this degree stands for either "doctor of physical medicine" or "drugless physician." One faculty member who holds a bachelors degree in sociology, lists himself as being a "certified pathologist." Another faculty member who does not list any recognized academic degree, lists himself as a "certified internist."

Under the title "Administration" on page seven of the bulletin, the president of this school lists a PhD degree, but does not list the granting institution. The administrative dean lists only a DC degree, as do the dean of instruction, the dean of the graduate school, the dean of students, the director of research, director of clinics, and dean emeritus.

The chairman of the anatomy department holds a bachelors degree in sociology, and is the person who lists himself as a "certified pathologist." The only other anatomy instructor is the person with the unconfirmed DO and LLB degrees. He also teaches pathology. The chairman of the pathology department lists a PhD degree from a European institution which never verified his degree. The other member of the pathology department is the holder of the DVM degree.

The chairman of the physiology department and director of research lists a bachelors degree in electrical engineering from a Mexican school that never verified this degree. He also holds a confirmed masters degree in mathematics from another Mexican school. The only other physiology instructor holds a confirmed bachelors degree in bacteriology. The chairman of the department of bacteriology holds an unconfirmed bachelors degree, whereas the other member of this department holds a confirmed bachelors degree in biology

The acting chairman and sole member of the department of obstetrics and gynecology holds no academic degree, listing only a DC degree from a defunct chiropractic "diploma mill." ne only instructor in psychiatry holds a bachelors degree in psychology, but he lists his degree in the bulletin as being in psychiatry. The chairman of the department of chemistry and nutrition also is the dean of instruction, and is the man who lists two unconfirmed degrees. Other members of this department include a man with an unconfirmed European bachelors degree; a man who holds a confirmed degree in electrical engineering (BS), education (MA), and optometry (OD); and an individual who holds confirmed degrees in zoology (AB) and physiology (MA), although he lists a masters degree in the bulletin as being in chemistry. The following members of the "Clinic Staff" list only DC degrees: The clinic director, the heads of the departments of roentgenology, EENT, cardiology, neurology, and orthopedics.

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