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Copyright 1966, American Medical Association
Reprinted from JAMA 197:999-1005, 1966.

Educational Background of
Chiropractic School Faculties (1966)

Catalog Analysis
National Chiropractic College

Source of information: Pages 60-63 of the 1965-1967 bulletin.

In addition to the 46 names listed as full-time faculty members, there are 20 names listed as "visiting lecturers," and 25 names listed as "extension and postgraduate division faculty." Sixteen of the same names appear under both headings. Three of the 14 visiting lecturers" also are listed as full-time faculty members. Granting institutions and the degrees listed by these 16 individuals are not given. Of the 25 postgraduate faculty members, ten reside in states other than that in which the school is located according to the directory of one of the two national chiropractic associations; one, listed as a full-time faculty member, lives in Europe.

The three unconfirmed degrees include one in which the granting institution had no record of the individual in question. Another granting institution stated the individual involved only attended for one summer session. The third unconfirmed degree is a BS in "Medicine" from a defunct "diploma mill" that never was accredited by the North Central Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools.

The confirmed four-year academic degrees include 20 bachelors, eight masters, two PhDs, and two bachelor of laws (LLB) degrees.

The "spurious" degree listed by three faculty members is a DABCR, believed to stand for "Diplomate of the American Board of Chiropractic Roentgenology." Five faculty members are listed in the bulletin as teaching chemistry, either as their sole subject or along with another subject. Of these five, three hold confirmed bachelors degrees in biology, one a BA in psychology, one a BS in civil engineering, and two of the five hold masters degrees in education.

Seven faculty members are listed as teaching physiology, either as their sole subject or along with another subject. Three hold bachelors degrees in. biology, although one of these lists his major course of study in the bulletin as physiology. One holds a BS degree in pharmacy, and another a BS in civil engineering (the same person listed as also teaching chemistry). The other two physiology instructors include an individual without a recognized academic degree, and one of the individuals with an unconfirmed degree.

Eight faculty members are listed as teaching anatomy, either as their sole subject or along with another subject. Two of these hold bachelors degrees in psychology and two hold bachelors degrees in biology. Two other anatomy instructors include an individual with a bachelors degree in English and a man with a BS degree in zoology and a masters in education. The remaining two anatomy instructors include the president of the school who only possesses a DC degree, and one of the persons with an unconfirmed degree.

The pathology department includes two instructors, one an individual with a confirmed bachelors degree in pharmacy, and the other the same person who teaches physiology and has an unconfirmed degree.

Three faculty members who do not possess recognized four-year academic degrees teach clinical neurology, cardiology, and chiropractic orthopedics. A person who holds a bachelors degree in biology is listed in the bulletin as teaching neuroanatomy.

A person listed on the full-time faculty as a "research consultant" holds no recognized academic degree, and lives in Europe.

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