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Copyright 1966, American Medical Association
Reprinted from JAMA 197:999-1005, 1966.

Educational Background of
Chiropractic School Faculties (1966)

Catalog Analysis
Chiropractic Institute of New York

Source of information: Pages 9-11 of the 1965-1966 bulletin.

This bulletin does not list the subjects taught by faculty members. The four unconfirmed degrees include one in which the granting institution had no record of the individual in question. Another granting institution stated the person in question attended the school for a period but never finished. The other two unconfirmed degrees include a doctor of veterinary medicine (DVM) degree from an unaccredited school of veterinary medicine, according to the American Veterinary Medical Association, and a degree for which verification never was received from the European granting institution. The president and vicepresident of this school list only DC degrees.

The confirmed degrees include 20 bachelors degrees, nine masters degrees, and two PhD degrees. Of the confirmed bachelors degrees, two are in education, two in social studies, one in community recreation, one in home economics, two in French, one in speech, one in physical education, and one in anthropology. Some of the confirmed masters degrees include three in education, one in community recreation, one in mathematics, one in psychology, and one in educational anthropology. The two PhDs include one in anthropology and one in chemistry, the holder of the latter degree being 83 years of age.

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