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An Ethnography
of a Chiropractic Clinic


We wish to express our thanks first and foremost to the chiropractor about whom this study is written, to his wife, and to his many patients who consented to assist in our investigation. However, since it is not the purpose of this book to publicize any of these persons, their names, identities, and residences have been disguised. For the purpose of readability, we have used fictional initials or fictional first names in referring to these persons,

We have unashamedly made use of the conceptual framework of Ervine, Goffman. Without his pioneer work in the sociology of everyday drama. this book could not have been written in its present form.

Our thanks also to Troy Duster, Wolfgang Frese, Mohamed EI-Attar, Louise M. Robbins, and Jack Headblom, who read earlier drafts of the manuscript and offered many helpful comments,

The Free Press editorial staff were most cooperative; our special thanks to Assistant Vice-President Charles E. Smith and to our project editor, George A. Rowland, for their encouragement, suggestions, and cooperation.

Finally, our heartfelt appreciation goes to our spouses, Marla and Elizabeth, whose support proved to be in a very real sense the backbone of this project.

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