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An Ethnography
of a Chiropractic Clinic

Appendix A: Definition of "Practice of Chiropractic"
from the Chiropractic Act of Louisiana
(Act No. 39, House Bill No. 712, June 26, 1974)

"Practice of chiropractic" means the holding out of one's self to the public as a chiropractor and as being engaged in the business of employing objective means to ascertain the alignment of the vertebrae of the human spine, including the use of analytical instruments of demonstrable efficacy for the purpose of analysis; and the practice of adjusting or manipulating the vertebrae and adjacent tissue for the purpose of correcting interference with nerve transmission and expression, on a person other than himself; and such exercise, external application of heat or cold and recommendations relative to personal hygiene and proper nutritional practices for the rehabilitation of the patient. The practice of chiropractic does not include the right to prescribe, dispense or administer medicine or drugs, or to engage in the practice of major or minor surgery, obstetrics, acupuncture, X-ray therapy or radium therapy.

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