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Chiropractic's "White Paper" on
Health, Education and Welfare Secretary's Report
"Independent Practitioners under Medicare"

American Chiropractic Association
International Chiropractors Association
Courncil of State Chiropractic Examining Boards

In May 1969, three chiropractic organizations published a 20-page booklet responding to the chiropractic section of HEW's report "Independent Practitioners under Medicare." The booklet included a preface, a table of contents, three sections of general criticisms, four analyses of "false issues," four analyses of "true isues," a brief conclusion, and a list of references. This page reproduces the preface and table of content and links to summaries of the critical parts followed by the HEW response to each one. The details of the critical portions have been omitted.


  1. 1. The Health, Education and Welfare Secretary's Report on chiropractic
    (a) is biased and was prepared by a prejudiced group unable to provide objective advice; and it
    (b) fails to provide Congress with the principal information it requested-the need for and costs of chiropractic in Medicare.
  2. There is a need for chiropractic services for Medicare beneficiaries.
  3. Such chiropractic services can be provided Medicare beneficiaries only by doctors of chiropractic licensed by the respective states to provide such services.
  4. Medicare should be amended to allow Medicare beneficiaries freedom of choice to select the services of doctors of chiropractic.
  5. Such chiropractic services would not significantly raise Medicare costs.

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