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Biological Terrain Assessment

Stephen Barrett, M.D.

Biological Terrain Assessment (BTA) is a computerized analysis of blood, urine and saliva specimens used to recommend nutritional programs, vitamin and mineral supplements, homeopathic products, and/or herbs. Proponents claim that BTA gives evidence of disease at cellular level which enables one to detect and correct any imbalance before a condition becomes pathological and requires more invasive medical procedures. The Grieshaber Group, of Schiltach, Germany, which markets the BTA system, states that it is useful for diagnosing immune-system diseases; allergies and auto-immune diseases; metabolic diseases; environmental/toxicological diseases; heart/circulatory diseases; nervous-system diseases (CFS, MS); chronic diseases and chronic/toxic diseases of the digestive organs; degenerative diseases of the skeletal system; and viral and bacterial infectious inflammatory diseases. Proponents attribute BTA's present status to Robert Greenberg, D.C., of Payson, Arizona, who is said to have extended the work of Professor Janos Kameney of Budapest and French hydrologist Professor Claude Vincent.

Biological Technologies International of Manchester, Massachusetts, a company founded by Greenberg, markets the BTA S-2000 and sponsors seminars for chiropractors and other offbeat practitioners. The company promises to "provide the most advanced instruments and technologies in the world to support predictive and preventative healthcare." [1] The list price of the device is $13,129, with various lease options available. Company literature states that Greenberg designed the device in 1994 [2]. and that the average practitioner using it charges $150 per test and does 20 to 25 tests per week, thus generating $153,000 to $192,000 per year for the tests alone [3]. According to Greenberg:

I believe that the above rationale is nonsensical and that Biological Terrain Analysis has no legitimate diagnostic value.


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