Licensing Board Actions against Chiropractors
Who Operate NutriMost Clinics

Stephen Barrett, M.D.

The NutriMost Ultimate Fat Loss System, which is marketed through many chiropractic offices, is claimed to produce "typical results" of 25 to 45 pounds of fat loss in 40 days without exercise, strenuous dieting, or radical changes in life style. The system is centered around use of a ZYTO device that is said to detect "stresses" and "imbalances" and recommend corrective formulas and foods. The ZYTO device has FDA 510(k) clearance for measuring skin resistance to low-voltage currents but is not cleared for any diagnostic or therapeutic purpose. The recommended diet is low in carbohydrates and aims for about 500 calories per day, a level that is potentially dangerous. Last year I became curious about the program operators and began searching chiropractic board sites to see whether any of them had been disciplined. In the first few states, I found no actions related to NutriMost activities, but about half had actions for other reasons. Most of the violations were minor, but the percentage who had been disciplined seemed high, so I am investigating further. Here are the ones I have found so far. Click the links to access the details of each case. A red asterisk (*) indicates that the person no longer has a chiropractic license.

Associating with or Employing an Unlicensed Person

False or Misleading Advertising

Failure to Identify Self as a Chiropractor in Advertising

Failing to Register a Facility

Inadequate Record-Keeping

Failure to Maintain or Report Continuing Sufficient Education Credits

Improper Insurance Billing

Details Not Available from Licensing Board Site

This article was revised on August 8, 2017.

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