Most of Your Information Is a Bunch of Garbage

September 19, 2004

Dr. Barrett: I stumbled upon your website and decided to see if you actually gave quality information for the general public. However, i found that most of the information was just a bunch of garbage that you found on quick internet searches. If you cared to really begin to understand the profession of chiropractic you would learn that the course requirements of a M.D. and a chiropractor are almost identical. If you wish to learn more about this i will gladly steer you in the right direction. The funny thing about people like you is that you think that you understand everything there is to learn in this world because of the letters at the end of your name. I don't begin to tell you what you do and do not know as an M.D., and I don't really see how you can tell me what I do and do not know as a chiropractor. One last thought, the idea of VBAI [vertebrobasilar artery insufficiency] is not sufficiently researched. One must consider the source of research when associating stroke and chiropractic manipulation. Most of the research is funded by pharmacutical companies and the AMA. Logically, companies that make pills do not want chiropractic to be sucessfull, otherwise they would go bankrupt.

September 30, 2004

Today, i revisited to look at my response that you said you were going to post and stumbled upon a quote form you. "Chiropractors seldom react constructively to criticism. When specific wrong doings are exposed, they typically claim that the criticized practices are not representative". I would like to ask you a few questions about how i may construct a more productive argument when faced with criticism. If you were questioned about the efficacy of your profession, i'm guessing that you would take a defensive position. Wrong doings are exposed all the time in the medical profession, however it is not scrutinzed. Therefore, medical doctors don't have to be constantly defending themselves and/or their profession. What i am saying is that just because a chiropractor takes offense to questions/comments about thier profession does not mean that there is no benefit from the profession. There is however a bit of frustration because the same questions and derogatory statements are being made. Also, i would like to hear your views about chiropractic, if you don't mind.

(At the time this message was posted, the author was finishing his first year of
chiropractic college. In 2011, his name was removed at his request.)

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