I Know What You Do with Your Quackery Website

August 14, 2001

Greetings Sirs:

I have just read your lengthy statements on Chiropractic and it's problems. I am not sure however, why you have put all this together. Am I, a licensed Chiropractor supposed to ignore all that I have seen simply because you haven't seen it. I am supposed to stop healing people because you don't understand it. I am supposed to close my doors because you can't do it. I won't do it, I wont lay down my arms for you. Too many people have left my office with better, happier lives. Am I supposed to pretend that the Cosmetic Executive didn't get pregnant the month I adjusted her, three years after she started trying in vain to conceive a child? Am I supposed to dismiss the patient who cancelled his laminectomy after treatment in my office for just a month. Am I supposed to send away the mother of three who was put on Vicodin ES for three years? I adjusted her four times, told her to buy a sports bra, then sent her to a drug rehabilitation center for two weeks.

Do you perhaps think I am exceptional for a Chiropractor? I am not. I went to a typical Chiropractic College (Life College). I didn't even finish at the top of my class. I did learn one thing at this school that an MD, a PhD, and a DC apparently do not understand. It is not the doctor who hopes to cure everything that is the fraud, It is the doctor who presumes they have the ability to master the body that is the true fraud. Chiropractors have never claimed to master the body with fancy sounding, harmful medicines. We instead have learned a keen respect for the body and its ability to heal itself when helped properly.

I know what you do with your quackery website. I have treated a medical reporter for a major TV station in New York City. She told me about the heavy pressure she received to report on obscure malpractice cases. She now knows the truth. I showed her my malpractice policy premium. Compared to The thousands a MD pays a month how much do you think I pay? Tens of thousands perhaps? No. I pay Just over one hundred dollars a month. And this is for the best and highest level of coverage available in New York City. I am covered for One Million/Three Million Dollars per year, this means that my insurance company would have to pay out up three million dollars in settlements if I was sued each year. So I asked them(the actuaries) why chiropractic malpractice is so low. He stated that Chiropractors just don't hurt their patients, in fact he could not recall the last time he saw a reported injury from a chiropractor.

I think now I understand why you do what you do. You do this to help people like me appreciate our ability to seek out, give out and receive regular chiropractic treatments.

Jack A. Atzmon, D.C.
New York City

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