"The Chiropractic Profession Is Nowhere
Near as Dangerous as the Medical Profession"

August 25, 1999

The folks at Chirobase (and Quackwatch) fancy themselves as protecting the public. The chiropractic profession can improve, but is nowhere near as dangerous as Tylenol in terms of how many people were injured or killed last year (or any other).

I have asked Stephen Barrett via e-mail to look to improve the safety of his own profession if he was truly interested in saving lives and or money. THE MEDICAL PROFESSION IS THE 3RD LEADING CAUSE OF DEATH in the United States. Between malpractice, adverse drug events and bad outcomes, Stephan Barrett and his colleagues are responsible for 366,000 DEATHS EVERY YEAR! (Sorry Steve, these are the numbers your medical colleagues come up with). We chiropractors would have to work overtime AND WEEKENDS to kill that many in 100 years.

Yet, Quackwatch (and various other abominations of Barrett's ie. Chirobase and other obvious search engine markers) and it's puny following persist in trying to debunk the simple truth; If your nerves work better you will be healthier! That's all we chiropractors do, help your nerves work better. Pretty simple and it works. When you get tired of the drugs, come see one of us. You'll be healthier and it may save your life, because of it.

Daniel T. Barrett, DC
(no relation to Stephen Barrett)
Practicing Chiropractor
St. Paul Minnesota

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