Every Single Patient I Have Seen Has Benefited

March 8, 2004

Dr. Barrett:

I would like to say a few things about your bashing of my chosen profession. First I would like to say that I have a degree in biochemistry and molecular biology, have worked at NIH for 5 years and am very skeptical myself—esp. about medical and or scientific claims. You really should (or maybe you have—and if so you should report how you felt to your readers) try a course of chiropractic treatment yourself. I started in this field of medicine (and yes it is a field of medicine—not some form of witchcraft) because I wanted to help people—I assume this is why you endeavored into medicine as well. I personally have benefited tremendously from chiropractic treatments, and every single patient I have treated has as well. I do not understand your problem with accepting the fact that chiropractic works and is highly effective in 85-95% of the patients who seek it. As far as you trying to back everything up with some test tube result- there is no place for this type of analysis in medicine—medicine is an ART NOT a SCIENCE. You need to reflect more positive spin in your life and your website- it is the only way that one can be truly happy. No chiropractic is NOT for everyone—but sir, there is no place in medicine for the kind of narrowed mindedness you seem to have. There is an old saying: "Beware the man of ONE book." 

If you truly believe that traditional medicine is the end all cure all - and there is no place for chiropractic to help patients maintain health - you truly need to seek another profession. If this is what you believe , you are the problem , not chiropractic. I don't wish to bring any negative energy your way- we are both part of a crucial need to our patients , and together we can bring health and happiness to thousands of people—I think that is our primary goal, is it not?

Michael Bartell, DC
Annapolis, Maryland

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