Chiropractors Are Not Unsufficiently Trained!

May 7, 2001

For the past couple of months I have been reading various articles from your website. Some I find quite intriguing and others quite offensive. All testing my beliefs about chiropractic. I firmly blieve that many articles provided on your website are wrong and need more research. Also I am wondering why it is that some of there are no statistics showing the dangers of medical doctors.

If my figures are correct it is medical doctors that attribute to approximately 345,000 unnecessary deaths a year by wrong prescriptions, malpractice, and "under the rug" deaths. Chiropractors however may attributed with 100-200 deaths a year and most of the deaths are due to the stimulation of stroke that has been a long time coming.

How is it that your website can call chiropractors "unsufficiently trained?" I have researched the ciriculum of a medical school and that of a chiropractic school and have found the cirriculums very similar. The the cirriculum of a chiropractor appears to be much more intense and much more challneging than that of a medical student. As a matter of fact it appears that a chiropractic student takes a third more anatomy than a medical student. Meaning while a medical student is in a Pharmocology class learning about drugs and the various affects a chiropractic student in an anatomy lab getting hands on experience with palpation and learning more information about the human body.

If you were to look at medicine versus chiropractic over the past hundred years I think that it would be very clear that medicine has been constantly changing while chirpractic has stayed the same. Which profession has worked and which has had to stay the same? It's time that the American population is given the facts about medicine. Your website is providing fallacies that may be very convincing to uneducated people.

Anthony Breitbach
Palmer College of Chiropractic

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