You Are Right on Many Topics

September 8, 1999

This statement is based on my and my spouse's belief and our experiences in real life; our practice (we are both DC's). You are right on many topics concerning the shortcomings of chiropractic in the teaching and in the practice. Many in our profession will ridicule us in our next statements. But we believe we should stick with musculoskeletal conditions and there are times when they need medication. Their is no profession that can fix it all. We treat only musculoskeletal conditions and refer other patients to whatever physician they need. We both believe in Immunizations, fluoridation of the water supply, and preventive measures such as yearly flu shots (including my wife and I).

It would be highly inaccurate to say that all chiropractors are not qualified as diagnostitians. The past 10 years we have been in practice we have diagnosed medical conditions that many medical physicians and medical specialists have missed over periods of years!! Such as, but not limited to, oat cell carcinoma (patient died 6 months later because his family physician of 20+ years missed it), fractures, hypothyroidism, multiple sclerosis, SLE, discoid lupus, and a staghorn calculus (which was being treated by an MD as a urinary tract infection with symptoms of hematuria for 1 year. The patient had to have her kidney removed last month once we sent her to the local urologist after coming to us for back pain), etc. Also we have received referrals from family practitioners, internists, orthopedists, and neurologists for headaches, neck and back conditions. I have been personally asked to be on staff at our local hospital to start a chronic pain clinic with an orthopedist in our town. All our x-rays are performed at the hospital just like those of any other MD.

The only thing I do not like about being a chiropractor is the inability to prescribe medication (for musculoskeletal conditions) when needed instead of having to refer them to a MD at an added expense. And it is the expense that bothers me not the referral.

Larry Shawn Cagle, DC
Vicki L. Cagle, DC
Ahoskie, North Carolina

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