"I Wish You'd Get Hooked Up
with a Good DC"

November 20, 1998

What is it you fear? Why are you so frightened of chiropractic? You yourself say we do help people, you just don't know how. We've been helping people for over 100 years, utilizing the philosophy and the plethora of techniques you deride. As scientific as you desparately want to think medicine is, you cannot deny the hit-and-miss nature of dozens of medications (look at the laundry list of "possible" side-effects). How about the experimental nature of many surgeries? How many people per year die of iatrogenic disease, drug interactions, misdiagnosis, etc. etc.? More than have died at the hands of chiropractors in 100+ years.

You "doubt" that full-spine x-rays yield much useful information. You "don't think" people should see their DC weekly. You "believed" a particular supplement to be "absolutely worthless." You "don't believe" that homeopathic remedies work. You "don't believe" in applied kinesiology." You "think" that unscrupulous colleagues are the majority. What makes you think your personal beliefs, doubts and thoughts are any more valid than any held by any individual chiropractor?

Re: lifetime care. I pride myself on my intelligence, my honesty and integrity. I have 24 years invested in my personal fitness and 14 years in the fitness of my clients. Chiropractic, on a biomechanical, structural AND neurological basis allows an individual to function at the greatest possible level they are genetically capable of relative to their age and health history. Just as I would expect a fitness client to commit to regular, lifetime exercise, so too will I expect my patients to commit to regular, lifetime chiropractic care. You can't workout, eat right, sleep enough, etc. until you feel good and then forget about it. You have to stay on top of it. Obviously, you don't receive chiropractic care and I pity you for that. You may feel fine now but you don't know how much better you could feel.

I wish you had seen the cases that were presented last weekend at a seminar in L.A. The life-changing benefits of chiropractic treatment were demonstrated in a case of juvenile asthma, cerebral palsy, brachial plexus palsy and epileptic seizures. These were real people who's lives were dramatically improved by us quacks. When I see that potential, I don't care if you accept us or not. I've seen the power of this profession and I stand in awe of it and in humble gratitude for the opportunity to serve my fellow man.

I wish you'd get hooked up with a good DC, get under care and maximize your health potential. THAT'S what any DC with integrity wishes for for all people. I'm not a quack or a charlatan, I'm a man with a service. There are good and bad in any profession. There is an easy ability to condemn that which we don't understand. However, there is much in this world that we cannot understand and never will--does that make it not so?? Also, to exist is to have a philosophy. You propose that we discard our philosophy. With what would you propose we replace it? Medical philosophy? That has failed. That philosophy has saddled us with a trillion dollar annual expenditure on "health care" with a resultant as sick or sicker population, with superbugs, rampant autoimmune disease, poor morbidity and mortality rates for the dollars spent...is THAT the philosophy to embrace?? That's gotten us into a hole so why is there insistance on more of the same? More or "better" antibiotics to fight the bugs we created with the last drugs, how about genetic manipulation?? Let's put vaccination in potatos, let's put live attenuated virus directly in the vagina or the nasal mucosa, let's put more children on Ritalin...it's insanity and it must stop!! Surely you would agree that the general direction of "health care" must change. Chiropractic doesn't have all the answers but it is a viable construct.

  Mitch D. Carter, Intern
Cleveland Chiropractic College
Los Angeles

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