Chiropractors Should Remove Nerve Interference.
That Is All!

December 8, 1998

I've peeked in to read your site quite a few times, and I must say it does keep me interested. I really want to understand the rationale behind a lot of what chiropractors and medical doctors claim.

As far as chiropractors are concerned, anyone who thinks chiropractic can cure everything or anything is an idiot. It shouldn't even be discussed anymore. Chiropractic cures NOTHING, period.

As far as medicine is concerned, anyone who thinks medicine can cure everything or anything is also an idiot. Please stop referring to medicine as if it can cure anything, PERIOD.

Chiropractic's role in taking care of people should only involve locating, analyzing, and removing nerve interference that is in the form of vertebral subluxations. That is all. This cures nothing. The body simply functions better without nerve interference. And for anyone who has not been exposed to the research indicating chiropractic's efficacy should really try harder to find it, it is there.

Medicine is the most efficient healthcare tool available during a trauma in the world. But outside of that, as far as pertaining to health is concerned, medicine is sorely lacking.

  Brian Covey, D.C.
Practicing Chiropractor
Arlington, Washington

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