Chiropractic Works!

July 9, 2000

I am a student at Parker Chiropractic College and will be graduating in August. I just recently returned from a clinic abroad trip to Brazil. The first thing I realized down there was that the people had not been medically brainwashed by the AMA. Everybody was very receptive to our group. We went to several prominent medical schools and did presentations on chiropractic and its uses. After the presentations were over, the staff, students and most of the faculty were lining up to receive the first adjustments of their lives. Not one person got stroked out, or complained of any pain from the adjustments. We also went to a university hospital where we did presentations to many of the hospitals leading doctors, including the top orthopedic surgeon and the head pediatrician. After the presentations we adjusted everybody in the room, all of their own accord I might add. No brainwashing needed.

The next day we returned to the same hospital and were astounded to see almost the entire hospital staff waiting for us. They all wanted to be adjusted. Shortly there after, they were bringing their patients down to see us. Some of these patients were being rolled in on gurneys, wheelchairs, or just being lead along by a friend. All were amazed when the patients got better, after just one adjustment. People that hadn't touched their toes in months, were now bending over like they were doing a workout. Others were dancing around, glad to be able to move again, without so much pain.

The doctors were so excited that they want four or five chiropractors in all their hospitals to help them get patients well. After all, that is what all doctors are supposed to do. Unfortunately some medical doctors in this country have forgotten that, and think that only they have the answers. Lastly let me say that we didn't cure anybody of any diseases, all we did was give them back their lives.

Chiropractic works, get used to it!

  Jeremy Davidson
Chiropractic student
Parker Chiroprctic College

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