I Have Never Met a Chiropractor Who
Speaks or Writes in the Manner You Have Posted

April 19-21, 2004

Dr. Barrett:

It seems to me that you've posted some seriously altered "Jeers" from my colleagues. I will be the first one to admit that some Chiropractors are more interested in their pocketbooks than in patient welfare...as are some Dentists, Medical Doctors, Orthopedic Surgeons, Hospital Administrators, Insurance Companies, QuackWatch Website makers... Now, if you choose to post this, you'll probably omit the last comment, because it's derogatory to your plight.

Because I grew up in the Quad Cities, where Palmer College is, I know literally hundreds of Chiropractors. I can name the Dr.'s that I know who are more interested in how big their pocketbooks are on one hand. I have NEVER met a Dr. of Chiropractic who speaks or writes in the manner that you have posted.

I reviewed Dr. Kinsinger's alleged visits to Chiropractors, and think maybe he exaggerated his findings slightly. I have personally caught extremely large abdominal aortic aneurysms, metastatic cancers to the spine and pelvis, heart attacks, appendicitis (none of which, by the way, walked "casually" into my office, like Dr. Kinsinger appeared to have, all of them were in incredible pain, with the exception of the aneurysm patient)... And not because I was "treating" those conditions, but because my patients are comfortable telling me about problems that are frightening to them, and I was able to act quickly to make sure they received proper emergency treatment. Several of my colleagues and friends have related similar stories.

And as a further comment to Dr. Kinsinger, all patients are different, and respond differently to treatment! I recently had an endoscopy performed, and while speaking with the Nurse Anesthetist, he reported to me that same line that you so eloquently repeated in your report, because I was concerned about how sensitive I seem to be to the narcotics that Anesthesiologists use. Chiropractic is a wonderful profession, with a very bright future, and with incredibly brilliant, extremely well educated, loving Dr.'s who enjoy their careers, and all of the benefits that go with it. 

Why don't you have any reports on your sight of the shortcomings of surgical and other medical interventions? Are you afraid of this subject, have you never read about it, or do you have some agreement with the AMA? I'd really appreciate a response to this last question.

* * * * *

I completely disagree with the statement that a small minority of Chiropractors practice "rational Chiropractic care." In my practice, for example, I closely monitor patients for changes objectively and subjectively, and decrease their care until they have improved function and mobility without my help. I am currently working with a local Oncologist with post chemo/radiation patients, and they seem to need intensive care for extended amounts of time. The Oncologist supports my methods and sends me about 1-2 patients a month, that are from my small town. Some of these people are seen daily for literally 2-3 weeks before we are able to decrease their care. I am also sent patients from another MD for "frozen shoulder", because he likes the work I do with that condition. Most of the time these patients will reach maximum medical improvement in 2 to 3 weeks. And I am a "subluxation based/straight Chiropractor". I get infants as young as 2 days old from a local Pediatrician, and have been invited to a local birthing center to adjust a newborn with torticollis caused by shoulder dystocia. According to all that you say on your site, I am not in the "rational Chiropractic" category, and never would be, with or without your colleagues approval.

Like I've said previously, I know literally hundreds of Chiropractors on a 1st name basis, and am familiar with their practices. Every single one of them, with the exception of perhaps 5, practice just like I do, with close ties to the medical community, and high respect from their colleagues and communities. I know 3 Chiropractors that currently hold public office. I know several Chiropractors that are up to 80% referral, from MD's. A friend of mine, who practices near Atlanta, has been approached by the AMA, to develop an adjusting instrument for in hospital use. It's hard for me to believe that with all of the sharing of patients and information that I see on a regular basis, that the Medical Community shares many of your views. I don't believe that you've ever investigated your views, past the rumors you've heard from your small list of followers.

I would also like t stick up for the young DC's who goto drugstores and the like to perform blood-pressure screenings, and SEMG screenings of the cervical spine specifically to increase patient flow. Everyone must start a practice somehow! We do not have the luxury of being employed by large Medical Corporations, we have to make it on our own, with similar student loan loads. And it wasn't but 20-40 years ago that MD's and DO's did the same, because they've TOLD me! The General Surgeon that owns the building I lease from reported going door to door introducing himself... in the late '70's! The DO that is our family Dr., built his practice by hanging out with pilots, and now is one of the official Dr's for the Blue Angel jet pilots. He still markets this! Whatever it takes, as long as you first do no harm, right? How would you build a practice if you were to start one?

* * * * *

You wrote me that you post passages from Chiropractors sites that you find "curious"... Why do you find passages from Chiropractors sites curious? Is it because you don't understand the terminology? I've read through much of your slamming of DC's, and most of what you poke fun at can be found in any MD's office... I believe Dr. Kinsinger was slamming DC's for having hung certificates and diplomas in their offices, signs which state "the greatest gift you give is the referral of friends and families...", and other practice building posters. Every MD I've gone to does the same!

Chiropractors treat subluxation... that's what we do! Urologists treat urinary problems, which by the way can cause headaches, backaches, stomach aches, fatigue, anxiety, etc... Does that mean they are going "out of their field of expertise?" No. They are common side effect of urinary tract dysfunction. Side effects of subluxation just happen to be EXTREMELY wide range, and encompass everything from back and neck pain, to headaches, to organ dysfunction, to depression, and immune system suppression. When we mention that these problems can be caused by subluxation, are we out of our scope of practice? Hardly. If we were to say ALL of these problems are caused solely by subluxation, then we are out of line. None of us that I know of report that Chiropractic is the cure for cancer, or diabetes, or ear infections, or even back pain. We all support that if nervous system interference is removed or reduced, and the body can function at a more productive level, then maybe the body can overcome some of these disease processes. This is the "inside-out" theory (meaning if you improve the function of the inside of the body, health can be restored by the body itself), that DC's commonly mention. An MD, on the other hand, will surgically remove the sick part, or fill the body with a chemical designed to eradicate what is most of the time the symptom of a problem, rather than focus on the actual problem. This is the "outside-in" approach, which is also sometimes necessary.

One thing that never comes through in your site is that it's Chiropractic patients that generally put 2 and 2 together to come up to 4. Today, was a half day for me, and I saw 19 patients. I saw about 6 children ranging from 6 months to 8 years of age, none of which had back pain. Three had upper respiratory problems, and where evaluated and adjusted at the parents request. Two children requested to be adjusted for reasons they did not know how to express. And one, the parent requested that I check her infant, because she felt it was "time" because the baby wasn't sleeping well. One patient, an 18 year old girl, about 10 weeks pregnant came in because she said she didn't have morning sickness since her last visit 2 weeks ago, and it was back. (She decided the adjustments helped her morning sickness, I personally never heard that before, I believed it was hormonal!). And the post-chemo patient that came in today said his back pain is not improving, but he can sleep through the night, is not dizzy anymore, and feels his energy returning, (which HE related to the adjustment, while I was focused on helping his pain level!)

In reading through your site, I see that you have comments from satisfied Chiropractic patients, and the fact remains that we are beginning to have more patient visits, by nearly 2X than the medical field. That in itself speaks volumes. And we still do not even approach an MD's in the level of deadly malpractice incidence (maybe 1 to every 600,000? I think those stats are correct), and we still pay less than 5% than an MD pays in malpractice for the same coverage, and we continue to rank the highest in patient satisfaction out of ANY other health care provider.

* * * * *

I stayed up until about 2 am reading your site, and on further review, have come to the conclusion that the best thing for anyone to do is NOT write you. I respectfully request that my "page" be taken off. Chiropractic, as well as many other natural health fields that you have mentioned, are very active in proving themselves scientifically. You are very irresponsible for the false statements you make concerning whether or not subluxation exist, calling natural health care a "pseudoscience", putting a photograph of a young girl apparently killed by a DC... The subsequent comment asking you where the pictures of the 112,000 victims of medical malpractice per year are, is completely appropriate! You wrote to that DC, "is that what you'd say to her mother?" Well, I'm asking you now... what will you say to the mom's of the 112,000-300,000 that medical science kills? There are risks to everything in life, and Chiropractic has what... .000001% the risk of medical treatment? I'm grateful beyond this world that medical science is not the only alternative people may choose, and you should be too.

Yours in Health
Michelle Frankin, DC
Coal Valley, Illinois

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