I Feel Sorry for You!

July 20-22, 1999

Dr. Barrett:

It is sad. Your life, when it comes to an end, will have been such as waste. You put such zeal into bringing every health profession down in order to build yourself up as a health professional. If you put half that energy into a search for the truth, rather than covering up your own inadequacies as a psychiatrist, you would learn how beautiful the human body is and that the power that made the body heals the body. You would see how alternatives "to" medicine are raising the public's quality of life by preventing the very symptoms that MDs make a living on attempting to cover up with drugs and surgery. You would see that the allopathic premise of patch care works wonderfully in emergency traumas but does little for the health of the people. The people of the world already know that prevention is better than cure and you are running scared trying prove them wrong. I feel sad that you will regret all the harm you are trying to do in the name of the AMA or that you may really believe all the ignorant stuff you say about things you obviously know nothing and have no training, like nutrition, chiropractic, acupuncture and so on. Just because you have an MD after your name doesn't make you an expert on anything, in fact, you're just relying on the old "trust in the doctor without question" routine. People are wising up and asking questions now. Since you are retired, you probably no longer feel the obligation to adhere to the Hippocratic Oath and do no harm, so perhaps you can comfortably lie about whatever you wish to give whatever impressions suit your Committee on Quackery just for kicks with no license to lose. When you lie on your death bed, perhaps you'll feel regret for not having told the truth, or for not having taken the opportunity to check out the benefits of "alternatives to medicine" yourself, so that you might not be on your death bed at that moment. And if you feel no remorse when the end draws near, I feel even more sad for you because you never knew a life of peace and contentment, only fear, resentment and falsehoods which became your reality. That is sad indeed. You have accomplished so much in your life and reached so many people. Too bad it couldn't have been for the good of man instead of for evil selfishness. Luckily, you're not at the end of your life yet and you have the opportunity to open that God-given mind of yours and find the truth in between your beliefs. I wish you peace and sanity and pray you find the truth and tell others what a grave mistake you've made, so that you may prevent others from straying down the wrong path and repeating your mistakes.

-—- -

I've seen what you do and say, and you are very inaccurate in your interpretations of Alternative Health Care. How can you put yourself up as an expert with opinions on professions you were never trained in? The reason you can't understand how any of the alternatives to medicine could work is because you come from a different frame of mind, a different reference point that is not compatible with others outside the allopathic model.

Alternative health care givers come from the understanding that there is a higher power that created us and continually gives to us all its properties and actions thus maintaining us in existence. If we were not able to adapt to our environment innately, we would simply not survive. As long as that power is free to control and coordinate the functions of the body through the nervous system as it was designed, we will continue to adapt and thrive in the environment. When the nervous system, our master control center, is interfered with, it cannot function properly nor can anything else that is controlled by that nervous system, which is everything. Malfunction leads to disease, then symptoms, then premature death if the malfunction is not corrected. Covering the symptoms with drugs or cutting out a malfunctioning end-organ does not correct the reason for the malfunction. The nervous system must be free to control all the functions properly, including the immune system and body chemistry which swings our moods. That is why Chiropractors remove the interference to the nervous system by adjusting the spine, that which houses and protects the spinal cord but sometimes impinges the cord or nerve roots when it is misaligned or joints are inflamed.

I couldn't begin to tell you how the other health care professions work, because I was never trained in their theories nor studied their approaches. I do know that MDs and DCs have almost the same curriculum until MDs go do rounds when DCs adjust in the clinic, with the exception that DCs cover more anatomy and physiology and less pharmaceuticals. Even though their curriculum is similar, DCs are taught from the standpoint that health comes from the superior innate brain above down, inside out and MDs are taught that the educated brain with the outside in approach creates better living through chemistry. Their premises are different, like apples and oranges. You cannot judge one through the glasses of another. Nor can you solve a problem with the same level of thinking that created it.

Surely if you didn't know I was a chiropractor by my email address, you must realize now that I am. I love being a chiropractor and my practice members love getting adjusted. They love seeing that there are DCs out here telling the truth about how their body works and how they can get the most out of it without taking anything out of it or putting anything into it. They love the opportunity to come here and get educated so they are in turn empowered to make informed decisions about their family's health and well-being. It is awesome. Having a BS in Psychology and Music, I felt the need to do something useful with my degree and was blessed when Chiropractic found me. I wish the same for you, that you may find something for the good of the people that turns you on as well. I can't imagine that you can do what you are doing now in good concious unless you are completely ignorant of what you are saying. And for that I can forgive you, despite the fact that I detest ignorance. Even more, I detest ignorance with a big mouth. And you seem to have foot in mouth disease. You really would benefit greatly from Chiropractic care. It's like gravity, it works whether you believe it or not. And since the nervous system controls the endocrine system, you'd get an attitude adjustment as a side benefit.

I hope that your eyes are open enough to see even some of what I am saying is true. You may believe I am being hard on you or ignorant of what you do. But I've seen some of your interviews and you give the impression that you are an expert in a position to be trusted and believed. When, in fact, you represent all that is self-serving and/or for the monopolizing AMA in an attempt to derail all the health care which is good for people but is a threat to the sick care you MDs capitalize on.

You speak of the allopathic model as though it is scientific and imply that Vitalism is not scientific. That is a fallacy, allopathy is more experimental, invasive, barbaric and less researched than the vitalistic approach of chiropractic, which is the science, philosophy and art of restoring proper spinal and nerve function to obtain health. It is very simple, conservative, non-invasive, effective and well-documented scientifically. You just choose to ignore the documentation that supports the effectiveness of chiropractic and form opinions and publish whatever suits your cause to discredit chiropractic.

Nuf sed.
Stephanie Rae Grenier
Auburn, Georgia

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