Your Work Is Sorely Needed!

January 26, 1999

I appreciate your work and think you are doing a good deal of good for the rational wing of the DC profession. I am aware that you are not a DC, as we have communicated in the past. Your work in putting together a database of scientific minded DCs is sorely needed.

I attended Palmer College and graduated in 1990. While a student there, I was "Research Editor" for our school newspaper and also served as Director of the Visiting Scholars Program, a school funded program that brought in monthly speakers such as Kirkaldy Willis, MD, and Scott Haldeman, MD, for all school assembly lectures. You would think that this reach for science, in support of manual medicine, would have been welcomed by the academic body at any institution. Unfortunately, many at Palmer, faculty and student alike, perceived it as a threat and opposed both positions. Unfortunately, I find the same thing in practice down here in Florida. As an insurance consultant I routinely have to evaluate claims with all the bogus treatment and testing protocols that you outlined in your guidelines. I wish I knew why these quack-like procedures still persisted, but I cannot figure it out. I remain hopeful that your efforts, and that of the National Association for Chiropractic Medicine (NACM), will eventually weed out this garbage.

  David J. Guerriero, D.C.
Practicing Chiropractor
Orlando, Florida

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