Why I Believe in Chiropractic

July 15, 2000.

Please understand how frustrated I get reading the information I found at your web site. I have a hard enough time trying to educate the public of the benefits of chiropractic. (I am not talking about using any kind of strange devices or testing. I am only trying to get the word out about simple adjustments leading to a better, healthier lifestyle.)

The doctor I work for uses the Activator method. I have not experienced ANY of the problems with "my" doctor reported at your site. The chiropractor I work for never tells patients about any miracle cures, nor does he fabricate any diagnosis. I chart for my doctor and I watch as he does all his adjustments. He takes the time during these exams to show me the PD's ["pelvic deficiencies"]—I can see leg-length differences before, and I can see them even out after adjustments—and he also shows me x-rays so I can better understand each patient's unique situation.

My doctor only advises his course of treatment, then lets the patient decide how many treatments—if any—they wish to receive. He lets them know that we are here any time they need us, but he never bullies, lies, convinces, or pushes them into thinking they have to or need to. He simply lets them know his report of findings, tells them what he can do, (always within reality), and allows the patient the responsibility of the final decision. He does not make claims of nerve impingement causing diseases. He does not push or sell any vitamins or other strange concoctions. He just knows that when a vertebrae is out of alignment, the patient will feel discomfort in the affected area. We have patients that drive from towns as far away as a three hour drive, just to get their adjustments. And many patients have been coming to my doctor for nearly twenty years.

All of this is proof positive that he is doing a great service to his patients. After all, they are smart, intelligent consumers that obviously know that chiropractic is a real choice-not a hyped up claim. If the adjustments we not working, these patients would have run away a LONG time ago-don't you think? My children and myself have also had terrific results with chiropractic care. And believe me Dr. Barrett, I have been in sales most of my career and I am not easily fooled by any product or service. Because I know the "tricks of the trade", I am one hell of a skeptic. But by witnessing the whole situation from the inside, I know this is real. My doctor gets regular adjustments himself. Obviously, it must work if he does the same thing to himself that he does for his patients. And for me too. My position allows my immediate family and myself to receive free adjustments

My doctor is honest and very polite. He's professional and caring. He is ABSOLUTELY, POSITIVELY, ONE-HUNDRED PERCENT LIGIT. I am thrilled to have found my job and love working with my doctor, co-workers and patients. I am glad to know that there are watch-dog groups on the Internet, out to protect the consumer, but PLEASE . . . include more positive situations on your site, besides just listing a referral directory. An intelligent consumer should be allowed pros as well as cons, on any given product or service. And like my doctor does, your site—and others like yours—should allow the consumer to take the responsibility to make the final decision.

I am so sick of the medical community saying one thing one year, only to turn around the next with a completely different view point. I think you know exactly what I am talking about. Because of this, I am more leery than ever of traditional medicine than I am of a non-invasive care program called C-H-I-R-O-P-R-A-C-T-I-C!

Have a good day.
Vicki Horn
Chiropractic Assistant
Spokane, Washington

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