Sour Grapes?

April 20, 2000

To Dr. Barrett:

As a happily practising Chiropractor I was just curious to know why a Medical Doctor would devote so much time to putting down the alternative health care system (which is growing by leaps and bounds despite your efforts) when deaths due to medical negligence top 98,000 people in America EACH YEAR!! This places medical errors as the 8th leading cause of death ahead of breast cancer, motor vehicle accidents and even AIDS!! This figure is astounding yet it is just accepted. Now if someone is hurt from a Chiropractic adjustment there is an uproar. How does that make sense????

Don't you think you should focus on all the scams , quackery, illegal practises and negligence in you OWN profession before you start pointing the finger at someone elses?

Hmmmm . . . or could it possibly be that medical doctors are having a case of sour grapes as every day more and more people are turning to alternative health care because they are sick of being prescribed drugs that lead to addiction and a vicious circle of side effects. I have treated hundreds of people and have seen literally miracles. . . . YES MIRACLES . . . .in my office. Are these people all wrong? Have they all been brain washed? No. Reality is that medical doctors are getting a smaller and smaller piece of the 'American pie" It all comes down to the almighty dollar. If Chiropractors are such a bunch of quacks why are there an increasing number of medical doctors attending weekend classes to 'try' to learn the art of adjusting? The whole scenario is laughable!! You Dr Barrett are a hippocrite!!

  Nicole Hughes, D.C.
Practicing Chiropractor
Fremont, California

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