Your Site Makes Me Laugh

November 14, 2004

I found your site becuase we often pull it up at school, Parker College of Chiropractic, to give us a bit of a laugh for the day. I love to read articles that tell me, a current third year student at Parker,  about how inferior our experience clinically speaking is in comparisson to medical students. Before graduation I have to have a minimum of 1000 hours in the clinics and 350 adjustments. On staff at Parker College of Chiropracitc is a M.D., Neurosurgeon, Osteopath, Dentist, Exercise Physiologist, several Radiologist and even a Registered nurse. I have three friends who are currently enrolled in medical school, two of whom are on rotations and finishing up, congragulations lady, and they too laugh at your site. I don't know if you have taken a look at the Chiropractic cirriculum lately but all for all we are as qualified and even more qualified to diagnose and treat patients. I am currenly in clinical rotation and I have only two LOW BACK PAIN patients, that's right two. My other patients are diabetics, cancer patients, fibromyaligia patients, stroke survivors, CPPD patients and the list goes on and on. You talk about curing diabetes but when was the last time that a M.D. did that. The first thing that your generic general practitioners tell a patient is to change their diet and exercise, sounds a lot like what we are taught to say in school. When was the last time that you restored  limb paralysis inflicted by a stroke, you don't but Chiropractic has been able to help these patients regain the usage of these crippled limbs. When was the last time that you talked about the affects, the real ones,  of vaccines or the infamous flu shot which all in all is worthless and I got that from the lips of my three medical school friends and my general practitioner. I believe that all Doctors have a scope of practice and should remain within it. Chiropractors are more than back and neck pain doctors just as M.D.'s want to be more than prescription writers. We all just want to see the patient get better. Don't even try to throw in that crap about strokes, my friend had one and she is only thirty four, has never been adjusted, and it was caused from a drug that was prescribed to her by her General Practitioner. In the medical profession you don't even respect General Practitioners because most specialist say that they are not trained enough, once again from the lips of a M.D.. I take more radiology and work on more cadavers than any medical student I have every met. I also have four M.D.'s that were sceptics that now not only come in themselves for care but also bring their famalies. Doctors of Osteopath attempt to "manipulate the spine" but are not nearly as qualified as a Chiropractor. You know that it works and we know that drugs don't that is why hundreds of them each year don't reach the shelf and even more are pulled off the shelf. You were right to say that Chiropractic students are brainwashed we are, and so is the public in thinking that one day man will create a pill that will solve all of our problems. We are over-prescribed, over-dependant and most of all under-educated about the power of the body. How many pills do you take a day? How many do you spoon feed to your children and grandchildren? I bet not nearly as many as you push and peddle to others. I have met too many M.D.'s that don't even take asprin but will tell a patient in a heart beat that they should. You are the only profession that is liscensed to kill. Chiropractic kills fewer people than vaccines, fewer than adverse drug reactions, fewer than complications from surgery, fewer than the bacteria and viruses that lurk the halls of your hospitals. Argue with me on that and I will produce mountains of your own research that will back me up. I love a good fight and pound for pound Chiropractic wins. I am proud to walk up to anyone and explain the power of Chirpractic. I love my profession and for you to maintain a website that is so "researched" you seem to love it too.

  Shandria A. Kelly
Third-year student
Parker College of Chiropractic

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