You are Very Stupid

November 12, 2000

You are stupid.... Very stupid... Your comments are stupid because you are stupid...... People in the medical field like you are assholes who want to keep people like chiropractors out because you don't believe it works. Well, just who the hell are you? I have seen soooooo many stupid medical doctors over medicate patients at a dangerous level. But, you don't see chiropractors writing stupid letters on the internet about stupid doctors.... You tried to keep us chiroprators out of the AMA but stupid medical doctors couldn't keep us out. Because of the good that we have accomplished. I don't understand how can medical doctors can continue giving medication to patients and then for the patient to have to turn around a week later and still have the same sickness and then the doctor puts them on another medication. So, who is the vodoo doctor. Overdosing what would you call that?

I think before you call chiropractors quacks that you should check out alot more chiropractors than what you have done. Many that I know do alot for their patients, spend more than 5 minutes with their patients. Many also, don't recommend that a patient come in and see them once a week for years. So, it is stupid for you to put a label on ALL chiropractors. Just like it would be wrong for me to say that ALL doctors perform unnessary surgery, or over medicating. Doctor's like you keep the public in a negative state about chiropractors. But, isn't that your point. Believe me I am one chiropractor that you will never stop from practicing. If I have to I will go on live television and push chiropractic care instead of medical care. I am one of many. Your stupid remarks have angered me because of your closed mindness.

Joye King, DC
Irving, Texas

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