Do You Sleep Well at Night Knowing That
You Are a Slave to the Drug Companies?

December 6, 2004

Dr. Barrett:

Judging by your websites and the baseless accusations that you have neatly articulated in a Micheal Moorer like fashion are as worhtless as you are. It is interesting that your personal email address is not listed. That's seems quite convenient.

Can I ask you these questions and if you are as inteligent as you try to portray yourself and are man enough to face up to your false accusations, you will reply to each of them.

  1. Why have thousands of patients presented to the offices I have worked in with pain and discomfort that have been to there family doctor, physical therapist, neurologist and or orthopaedist wasting copays out of their pocket, driving up insurance costs and time out of there lives only to find out that the most appropriate and cost effective treatment was there last resort, chiropractic. Can you possibly argue with all of these people who are symptom free and not taking medications that control pain but erode the digestive tract lining?
  2. Do you honestly think that medication is the best option in treating mechanical musculoskeletal pain?
  3. The obvious reason that DC's seek practice building companies to boost revenue is easily explained. The medical profession, as certified in a court of law in the late 70's, is guilty as you are, in using senseless claims and propaganda in an attempt to erradicate our profession. The AMA is a 800 pound gorilla that sits whereever it wants. The pharmaceutical industry, which I respect for its efforts, is more corrupt than most may know. Lets just say Vioxx and we'll leave it at that. I'm sure that an intelligent man like you has read up on his history of the Flexnor Report and the early inverstments by such bigwhigs as the Rockafellers that fueled the alienation of doctors of chiropractic. Since the early 1900's, chiropractor have been pushing a boulder up a mountain that the AMA and its associated industrial pals created. Please reply is you disagree. Can you blame some of us for wanting to reach as many people as possible? Do you know that MD's and DO's that I know and have referred me many patients claim that their fees are getting chopped by the insurance companies? I heard the average salaries from 2003 announced. Can you tell me the aver. salary of a chiropractor? Its $79,000. How about medical doctors? its 139,000 starting for PCP's. Can you honestly say that a 5min office visit for bronchitis at a PCP's office billed out for 90-110+ is as valuable as 15-23 minutes of manual therapy, diagnostics, ADL modifications and rehab exercises and stretching? Please justify. I would love to hear this one.
  4. How many people die from stoke that allegedly was caused by a chiropractic manipulation of the neck? 1 in 2-3 million by most studies. There we more incidences of VBAI incidences in drivers looking into traffic that chiropractic incidences(any symptoms at all). Please research how many peoplr died from cervical fusion surgery that could have been prevented with postural retraining, PT and chiropractic manip and/or mechanical traction therapy? 1 in 100. I couldn't find that on you website. Maybe I was not looking thoroughly enough.
  5. Why do chiropractic students that participate in rounds in hospitals blow the residents out of the water in musculoskeltal diagnosis, radiology and patient assesment? If you don't believe me call Bathesda Naval Hospital or Walter Reed. And most people see there primary for musculoskeletal pain. Why is that Dr?
  6. Why have you spent most of your professional life trying to discredit chiropractic? You need a new hobby because most people don't really listen to you anyway.

I will laugh to myself and show my patients your ridiculous websites knowing full well that I have touched countless lives. Do you sleep well at night knowing that you are a slave to the drug companies that court you and kiss you a#$ trying to prompt you to write a prescription for the drug du jor or diagnosis du jor (Adult ADD for example)

If you do not reply to this letter, I will not be surprised in the least. Or you can call me anytime to discuss any issue you wish. I will professionally discuss any matter with you anytime. Please call my office anytime @ 610-337-1343.


Yours in good health

Jonathan Kropf, DC
Philadelphia area, Pennsylvania

PS. If you are willing to argue against everythin we do, why don't you post counterpoints on your website. Oh wait that would bust your ego down a peg or two. That wouldn't be right.

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