Your Web Site Makes Me Steam

September 26, 2000

I am steaming, just sitting here reading this untruthfulness. To all the M.D.'s that place articles on here of course you don't understand chiropractic because you treat disease and are closed minded. I can't say that about all M.D.'s though, we actually have medical doctors that come to our clinic for adjustments. Chiropractors treat the cause, not the symptom. Our malpractice insurance is around $900 a year, yes and that is no lie, how much is yours Mr. Medical Doctor, I guarantee you it is in the thousands. Do you want to know why that is, it is because our patients are at lower risk than yours. It is a proven fact that the equivalent deaths of six jumbo jet crashes every two days is how many people die from DRUGS. There are the facts so-called "doctors". These are not the words of a "brain washed" (if that is what you want to call it) student or D.C., i'm a chiropractic assistant, and enjoy every minute of my work.

"A great chiropractor has the hands of a musician, the muscles and spine of a gymnast, and the brains of three doctors"

"An ounce of healing is worth a ton of pills"

"The power that made the body heals the body"

M.D. stands for "more dope and more death", while D.C. stand for" does care, and docile concern."

Bobby Lane
Chiropractic Assistant
Mexia, Texas

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