A Chiropractor Who Does Not Believe
in Subluxation Is Not a Chiropractor

May 2, 1999

Hello my name is Bryan Osborne and I am a student at Palmer Chiropractic college. You know at one point early in life I too considered medicine. I had the grades and acceptance, but decided against it, and after reading some things on this page am very glad I did so. I want to begin by stating that although some in my profession justifably do not associate with M.D.'s, I do. I have many friends who are currently or are training to become an medical doctors, and I hope to collaberate with them someday.

After reading an article on your web page (choosing a chiropractor), I believe that is going to be difficult.

I mean I thought that the point of going into health care was to help people, so I chose a way that is different than yours, but that does not make it wrong. The medical field preaches that alternative forms of patient care is considered "unscientific," yet how much of modern medicine is scientific? You talk about people who do not immunize as if they are satanic. I personally feel that immunization definently has it's place, but not in the sense you do. I think people should read about them a little more before just jumping the medical bandwagon and subjecting our youth to a deadly virus. For example there have been zero reports of communicable polio since 1979, yet 8 to 12 people a year get it through the vaccine, I mean why put a dead disease in a child. Also if people knew that a childs immune system and liver enzymes, etc. are not fully devoloped untill 6 to 12 months after being born, they would wait a while before injecting their newly born infant with a disease or a drug.

You also say to never use a chiropractor that uses the word subluxation, hell a chiropractor who does not believe in a subluxation is not a chiropractor. Thats like saying do not go to an MD that prescribes drugs, I mean that is what you do best. Well finding a subluxation complex is what we do best, just as I am not trained in the world of pharmacology you are not trained in finding subluxations and therefore you do not believe they exist. You also say to not go to a chiropractor who practices accupuncture, why? I am recieving training in the chinese theorology of accupuncture, and feel I will be more than capable of practicing it, or do you not believe in a method of healing that has been around for 5000 years.

You also say to avoid spinal manipulation, such as an osteopath performs. I totaly agree, spinal manipulation is very unspecific and dangerous. On the other hand an adjustment (I know you think they are the same but any dictionary would prove other wise) is very specific, low force and a work of art. Why don't you check into the training students at Palmer College recieve, the emphasis at the founding institution is the one of specificity.

The article also talked of neck manipulation. Even if you want to include "manipulation" there are only 1 stoke per 2 million adjustments, compared with 120,000 deaths per year via iatrogenic effects of medicine and pharmacy, but you failed to mention that.

You also stated that any diagnosis should be made by competent medical practioner, this idea is ridiculus. Everyone performs diagnostic abilities on a daily basis and yet the medical profession proclaims it to be a monopoly. The physical therapist diagnoses Thoracic Outlet Syndrome, or Grade II Inversion Sprain, are they not competent to perform their treatments based on the diagnosis or should they wait on a medical practioner for the final word on a "definite" diagnosis? I have plenty of knowledge in the field of diagnosis, orthopedics, nuerology, radiology(way more rad. than any medical college), etc. Example my uncle had a rash on his nose, went to his MD, and the MD hastly prescribed antibiotics for infection. When they did not work he came to me, and I knew what it was, rosacea, a blanching of the capillaries. Antibiotics do not help this, they only served to weaken his immune system.

In closing I just want you to compare the hours of study at Palmer College in anatomy, physiology, neurology, radiology,etc., with a few medical schools, and then you would see why I feel I know a great deal about the human body. I am a true "health" practioner, and all indicators are that the medical world are "disease" practioners. I know you will not write back, but I still wanted to make my point and try to at least set one more distorted image of alternative medicine and chiropractic in the open minded direction. Thanks for listening.


Very sincerely,

Bryan C. Osborne
Chiropractic student
Palmer Chiropractic College

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