So you think you're GOD?

January 9, 1999

Dr. Barrett: After careful analysis of what you think is an informative site, I came to the conclusion that:

1. You are an arrogant, closed minded, foolish, ill properly informed, pompus idiot!

2. Although the site does have a few interesting notions, they are just that! However, I do like the site layout.

3. You obviously have no ability to proof read your own writings in your pages—speaking of the widespread grammatical, spelling, and other research errors—to say the least.

4. In a few short years—which I mean short Mr. old boy—when you are hopefully aware of your pine boxed surroundings, six feet under, something will be dripping on your necrotic forehead. It will be I, visiting your pathetic grave, and urinating upon it while prophetically exclaiming my belief in chiropractic, and defamating your name and being to the depths of HELL for being such a SCROOGE!

5. You have no business in the health profession because you are a closed minded quack yourself, whom goes about his business of disease—disease—disease. Wow, what a concept, God forbid anybody in this world look at all the aspects of making a person supremely healthy. Well I guess all we should do is fight the battle, instead of trying to get ahead; Not! People like you make me violently ill!

6. I sincerely hope someday you will see how incredibly pompus you sound, and are! Have you listened, and I mean truely listened, to some of the idiotic things you have said?

7. You are pissed because you think you have the supreme answer to it all when in fact you don't know jack about half the junk that flies out of your tiny little closed mind. Okay, are we all to believe now that GOD does not exist, because surely there is no scientific evidence, right?

8. Now I've finally found the one guy on the planet that I can dispell as a heiretic. A true shining star that I would definitely tell aliens (if they exist-and ever come to our planet), "please for Gods sake do not listen to this man he will suredly lead you to your grave because he believes in nothing but disease."

9. You've wasted your time going to any school, and your education has gone to waste with you. You need to expand your horizons past the 70's and move on from your fantasia of a life. And, by the way, I was'nt brain washed. I made an informed choice to go to Chiropractic college! After 24 years of usage—and realizing after all the pety illogical excuses from the ranting/ravings of lunitic medical doctors not even having a clue—I'd seen enough! When I saw what all of the doctors had to do was simply give a pill—usually synthetic—and cut stuff out if they felt it did'nt belong, or even better—was there pathetic excuse of treating pain with pain killers instead of the underlying cause; I realized the medical profession has'nt a clue. Being a good doctor does'nt have a damn thing to do with a petty label, but everything to do with the man who is the doctor. Yes there are many doctors out there with varying beliefs and practices, but that is them and if they do something wrong they are wrong. A belief system should stay at that and be believed by whomever chooses to believe in whatever they believe in. You go against everything this country was based on, and I believe you are anti-humanistic. You and your Medical freaks are the most corrupt of the corrupt. In example: a. Giving a prescription to a patient that you know will cause at the very least many side effects—some including potentially fatal reactions to the body—when in fact you also know that later you will be treating them for those very same diseases or ailments caused by the meds you gave them—either previously and/or years earlier.

10. Who are you to scream of fraud? Your whole profession is based on fraud; YOU AND YOUR PHARMACEUTICAL BUDDIES. Lets all become heiritic medical doctors so we can give them a drug that will cause more dis-ease so we can turn around and give them more drugs to treat the crap we gave them from the previous drug until there is a paradoxical melt down of there systems and finally we can just say they died of natural causes some day or so we would have them believe. I seriously will never understand why a closed minded weasel like you would rather slowly kill someone with an ignorant notion than try everything possibly imaginable that was natural before you cut someone up like a stupid butcher. Oh I promise to be brief about the idiotic use of anti-inflamatories you drug dealers hand out like candy. Oh, drug dealers—why don't you go after the countless thousands of drug abusing medical freaks out there? Obviously thats not something unknown to yourself. Back to the NSAIDS. Anti- inflammatory causes a decrease in cellular fluids througout the body—definitely not site specific—so wow I can give this to/inject it in someone with a disc problem but wait, I don't want to tell him it will decrease the fluid in every joint in the body—leading to early degeneration of every other joint in his freaking body—I might not get the commission from the RX company cause surely the person may not fill his RX if I do that. You are a pathetic drug dealing fool who should be locked up for what you peaple do!

11. I know you are afraid to put this in your JEERS section because you are scared it might raise an eye to how pathetically dinosaur you and half or more of your wastoid profession are. Especially my interpretation of your little drug dealing sceme you've got going. Yes I'm on to the sceme.

12. I want to thank you whole heartedly though, for rejuvenating my hate for the whole corrupt plot of the medical society to do us all in because they are to stupid to admit that they don't know what the hell they are doing so they have to bash everyone else who may try to infringe upon helping anyone get healed from anything.

13. You suck and so do your impossible ideals. In fact I'm going to go out and buy a nice bottle of champaign to celebrate with at your funeral because you will most assuredly die due to some med you took early on in life destroying your pathetic liver. And, by the way , you had an anteriolisthesis of several lower cervical vertebrae upon each other in that lat. cervical shot of '76. I'm sorry you received such a poor physical from Dr. Y, I would have impressed you with the best physical exam you've ever had in your life. The standards of colleges have gone way up you know—wait no you would'nt—you are still stuck somewhere in the dark ages of information. At my college we gave comprehensive Physical exams like I had never before seen done by any doctor. Also, I would like to add, that atleast Dr. Y was trying to hook you up by cutting you a break on your bill. You are definitely one of those doctors who would turn a guy away because he did'nt have enough money to pay now are'nt you you pathetic wretched old fart.

  Michael Page II, D.C.
Not practicing, but working on nutrition
Kansas City, Missouri

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