You Should Start A MedBase

September 28, 2000

I would like to see a Quackwatch on the medical profession. I have referred patients to medical doctors with spinal infections and cancer to have the MD say they were fine. Ironically, other MD specialists at the U. of Iowa Hospital and Clinics were in complete disagreement with their colleagues and agreed with the DC diagnosis. I have a relative in the medical profession who is astounded by all the solicitations and pushing of medical treatments by medical companies and drug companies. It seems the grass is the same on the MD side as the DC side. What about the MAYO Clinic admission that their best diagnosis is CORRECT ONLY 30% of THE TIME and other less prestigious clinics 20% correct? I'm sure you can dig it up in the medical indexed journals if you can find so much on chiropractic. BY IT'S OWN ADMISSION Medical mistakes kill more people per year than have ever been killed by negligence of all the chiropractors in history. That is the real reason our malpractice is the cheapest malpractice insurance of the largest health professions in the country, isn't it? You said yourself the insurance company is just doing business and isn't against anyone!

On a personal note about what is considered Voodoo practices. A patient of mine who has had continuous finger ulcers from scleroderma has gone through much medical treatment grasping at straws for help or a cure. It hasn't helped. Even after a radical sympathectomy surgery and (probably necessary) vein graft, she still has had an ulcer develop on that hand. However, lucky for her she kept coming and getting adjustments beyond your 3 week limit and has not had an ulcer on her hand for at least 20 months. Her pain being decreased from a VAS score of 10 to a VAS score of 2.5 has had a tremendous influence on her life that "scientific medicine" could not offer. (By the way, she had the 10 when under medical treatment using all the drugs they could dose her up with, and now she does not use any medication, and yes we do use nutritional supplements). Put that on your main jeers page will you, or will you hide it away with the rest of the chiropractic comments. I would agree that chiropractic as well as medicine has dirty laundry, but you admit we help people even though you can't understand it from a medical perspective. However, researchers at Syracuse said recently that it was amazingly simple to find the anatomic cause of cervicogenic headaches, which the medically minded Headache Society of some sorts denies their existence because there's "no scientific evidence" just like your web site proclaims. Maybe if you'd look for it and read JMPT and other journals which are peer reviewed scientific journals validating chiropractic it would help. By the way did you happen to catch the preliminary study of Medicare patients who use chiropractic sometime in their life spend less money on healthcare as senior citizens to the tune of about 1/3 as much? And you say the reduction of subluxation isn't helpful or proven, but the truth is it works and will be shown in future much needed research. A MEDICAL STUDY I ONCE READ STATED THAT ABOUT 70-80% OF COMMONLY PRACTICED AND ACCEPTED MEDICAL (MD) PROCEDURES HAVE NO SCIENTIFIC PROOF IN THE LITERATURE TO VALIDATE THEIR USE.

So get busy and start a MedBase to inform people just how dangerous your so-called scientific medical profession is. Isn't it (Medical Treatment) the 3rd largest cause of death in the U.S. (I know it's right up there).

Please post in a highly visible spot if you dare.


Sincerely helping real people get their health back,

Mark A Parsons, DC
Camanche, Iowa

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