"Science Is Not Based on
YOUR Belief Systems"

January 12, 1999

As a practicing chiropractor (and very proud of it), I'm somewhat offended by what you represent and your so called "mission". Science is not (and never was) based on YOUR opinions or belief systems. Actually, it was never meant to support beliefs—it was meant to provide models based on observation and experience. Science, as you know, tends to be a political entity just like any other, and is colored by human qualities such as greed, ego, power, etc... I have a difficult time believing that you three professionals are above this in your little mission. I'm also surprised at your apparent arrogance and egocentricity regarding criteria supporting your idea of appropriate scope and practice of chiropractic. That is not scientific. It's more like myopic and self-serving politics. This "mission" does nothing more than recruit support for your own beliefs and opinions (remember, they are only opinions) Of course, you are entitled to have these beliefs and opinions, but it seems inappropriate and unprofessional for you to impose them on others as fact, or truth.

Yes, there is a measure of incompetence, and apathy in our field. There is much more incompetence in your field, however, and it is obvious that to take on that project would be too enormous and overwhelming of a task, so it is much easier to attack the chiropractors. Clean your own house before you judge mine. Your 'scientific' viewpoint is observed through a muddy filter, clouded by your negativity and skepticism. Gentlemen,... you are missing that spectacular sunset while looking at the ground. I did glean something very positive from your site, though: I feel very blessed that I have more purposeful and serving activities to occupy my time here. Thank you for that.

  Aaron Root, D.C.
Practicing Chiropractor
San Antonio, Texas

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