Our Purpose Is to Remove Nerve Interference

November 26, 2000

I accidentally came upon your website tonight and felt that I needed to respond to the comments and opinions made about my profession, chiropractic. What unfortunately does not always roll off the tongue of some chiropractors is our purpose, to remove nervous interference. It's that simply, but that broad in its implications. Most chiropractors do not claim that they cure or fix anything, they DO say that a person who leads a healthy, preventative lifestyle which includes chiropractic tends to ward off disease much more easily. While I could furnish a surplus of scientific chiropractic data, I would like to address the pervasive theme of childish bickering. It seems to me that neither side is really listening to what the other is saying. Both sides really do have valid points. Chiropractors do need to unify in their definitions of chiropractic, and we can be our own worst enemies. Instead of agreeing with that, we rebuttal with medical malpractice- and while most of it is true, isn't the way to necessarily make our point. All I'm hearing is male ego doing battle. I need to know that medical doctors are studying our research websites thoroughly before making such crude, uneducated remarks. I have plenty of research that supports my stance and my profession, and would readily supply it. -And yes, chiropractors do attend marketing seminars. Many chiro's aren't very equipped to run a business, our background is understandably scientific. Medical doctors who aren't proficient in running a business choose rather to work in a hospital or clinic. What recourse do we have? What has been classified as marketing schemes is actually just a way to peek people's interest in alternate health care. Chiropractors aren't always out for blood when we educate the public of the inaccuracies of the medical profession, but it is imperative for the public to know just the same. We know of the value of emergency medicine and preventative medicine. I truly hope these misunderstandings and attacks will diminish over time. I suppose we can agree on the fact that time HEALS.

Mariclaire Russo, DC
Brooklyn, New York

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