Removing Pressure on Spinal Nerves Has to Do
More Good Than Leaving It There

September 11, 1999

You have stated some very strong statements on your disapproval towards many chiropractors. I can only speak for myself. I have been in successful practice for 22 years and have never insinuated that my adjusting could cure anything or anyone. However I have successfully assisted in thousands of patients improving their health through chiropractic care. We, similar to the medical doctors, administer our methods and sit back to observe the body's acceptance and subsequent (hopefully) improvement. All healing professions merely facilitate change and strengthening to the nervous system(immune system). No doctor heals anything. Only the persons own system can create that process of repair. I explain to patients that I cannot promise them that by adjusting their spine and removing the nerve irritation they will heal. However, I can tell them that removing that pressure has to do them more good than keeping it there.

You insinuate that those without symptoms should not get chiropractic care. That is like telling the public that those who haven't had palpitations, chest pain or ischemic attacks need not get their heart checked but wait until after you already have the problem. One shouldn't have to lose sight before getting their eyes checked. (By the way, 40% of people who drop dead from a massive coronary never had symptoms before they died.)

Your issues stating children need not see a chiropractor makes little sense. Would we be better waiting until our children get our problems or worse before seeking assistance.

Medical critics of chiropractic have long claimed that our subluxation theories were unscientific and therefore false. There are many drugs used commonly in medical care that they have no explanation why they work (ie. several epileptic drugs). There is no proof there is life on other planets, but I won't be surprised when one day (after my time) it will be proven. There is certainly no proof of a god but I can accept that something created us, (even though medical science still can't create a person nor even understand how our brains and systems fully function—but they do function sometimes in spite of what we do. If I had a patient come in telling me that every morning he has been patting his stomach and whistling dixie while standing on his head and his headaches have gotten better, I would be a fool to tell him to stop just because I didn't understand why it could possibly work. Instead, I would say, if it works for you keep doing it. Regardless of whether it could be proven I would understand that there have been many things in my life I didn't understand or couldn't explain but that didn't mean they couldn't be.

Thank you, sincerely,
Barry Shapiro, D.C.
Toronto, Canada

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