Yellow Journalism

April 14, 2000

Dear Dr. Barrett:

I reviewed your article by Mr. Homola. I found his information quite biased and based upon poor psuedoscience. My only thought regarding such trash talk is that you are sponsored by a medical association or a pharmaceutical entity. I have been providing chiropractic services for sixteen years. Folks like you never fail to impress me with your persistence in creating divisiveness between medicine and chiropractic through an unbalanced perspective regarding chiropractic. Chiropractors are not reported to cause death of tens of thousands of patient's annually as the result of consuming appropriately prescribed medications. Nor, do chiropractors result in hospitalization of 1.5 million patients to the hospital for the same reason. If you would calculate the number of jumbo jets that would have to crash annually to cause this type of holocaust like death, it would stagger the mind.

Yes, there is a small number of fringe chiropractors that practice in nontradtional ways, however, I believe that you will find medical physicians climb out on that pseudoscientific edge a great deal more often that chiropractors.

I believe you will find that such missinformation as presented by you and comparable organizations will not be as readily believed as in the past. Chiropractors are trusted more often by the general public than is medicine as the result of continued harm done to the public as publisized by the media.

The time has now come when the two professions should work together for the benefit of the public and stop this public ego and finanically based silliness.

  Stephen M. Shaw, D.C.
460 California Ave.
Reno, NV. 89509

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