You Should Revise Your Mission Statement!

May 11, 2000

Dr. Barrett:

I am concerned with the importance of your mission statement. I feel that being a medical doctor you should realize the harm your profession can cause people every single minute around the world. Yet you continue to demoralize a profession that does not put anything in a person or take anything out of a person, therefore, making it a natural health care system. Chiropractic normalizes the nervous system so that people can live healthier life styles. Most Chiropractors and good Medical Doctors should also suggest changes such as diet and exercise to help people live longer happier lives. I am sick of hearing patients come into my office complaining of side effects or them saying "he sent me for another ultrasound, and nothing is wrong". Well who gives a damn if Chiropractic/Acupuncture is not scientific at least these people are trying to get rid of the problem naturally. And just how scientific are most of the drugs out there?!

Now tell me this, are Chiropractors worst enemies really themselves or could there be a shift to alternative health care that is starting to scare medical doctors. Therefore, instead of spending your time bashing a profession that is in the most part trying to do some good, why not realize that drugs are causing more harm then all the adjustments ever delivered in Chiropractic history. Maybe you are to caught up in the scientific approach to everything, but let me tell you this, live a little and realize that some things are just not meant to be understood. I feel that you will eventually be an unhappy person because people like you only enhance the profession of Chiropractic and I truly believe that you are somehow troubled with your own profession therefore you are going after Chiropractors. "Bad publicity is good publicity."

Todd Small, D.C.
Winsor, Ontario, Canada

PS. I am not saying that Chiropractic is the best thing on earth and I do realize that there are lots of Chiropractors out there only to make a big buck, but maybe you should work on a more purposeful mission statement.

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