Barrett's the Quack!

March 28, 2001

Barrett, answer me one question.. If Chiropractic DOESN'T work, why do people come to us? Moreover, why do the majority of our patients come to us and pay out of their own pocket, whereas all of your patients rely on their insurance? Society is beginning to realize that the allopathic model is a tangled web of dead-ends and junk science. When there's something you can't cure, you send the patient to another MD, who sends them to another MD, and so on, until there are no other options, and you leave them helpless. How can you explain the fact that iatrogenic death is the 3rd leading cause of death in this country, beneath heart disease and cancer, according to your own precious Johns-Hopkins and Harvard Medical School? Think about something else.. When was the last time a patient looked forward to going to the allopathic doctor's office or hospital? Doesn't happen too often, does it? Our patients enjoy coming to us. We help them, and we do it in a natural way without side effects and pain. You sir, are a part of a profession that harms as many people as it helps. Everything from the vaccinations you force people to take, to the prescription medicines you provide, you're doing damage to your patients. If you call that scientific, and what we do unscientific, then I whole-heartedly reject your science. I'll pick my method over yours any day.

Adam Tanase
Logan College of Chiropractic

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