Before Bashing Chiropractic,
It Would Be a Good Idea
If You Knew Something about It

April 23, 1999

I was absolutely sickened by the false information you are giving to the public regarding chiropractic! Maybe if you medics would take a few moments to really educate yourself on what chiropractic is, you would'nt make all these false accusations.

I have worked in the straight chiropractic profession for over five years, as an assistant. Before I started in the field, all I knew was the medical philosophy. Take medications, which cause harmful side effects, or if that does not rid the SYMPTOM, have a doctor remove it. Thanks, but no thanks,....every organ I have is their for a reason. When I began in the field, I had TMJ problems so severe, I could not chew solid food. I had gone to my medic as well as my dentist. Neither doctor could figure out what was wrong. I was given muscle relaxers, and was made a mouth guard. The muscle relaxers made me feel horrible. I could not drive when I took them,...and they didn't even help!

My chiropractor told me that my uppper and lower jaw was not aligned properly, therefore causing the surrounding jaw muscles to be in severe spasm. My jaw was adjusted periodically over a two month span, and for the first time in over two years, I found relief because the adjustments realigned my jaw. I could eat solid foods, without the worry of pain. It has now been over four years since I've had any TMJ problems. My medic and dentist were absolutely clueless!

You stated in one of your articles, that chiropractors claim to cure diseases of all kinds. You ask any chiropractor, and you will be told otherwise. Chiropractors do not cure ANY disease, nor do they claim that. It is the body that cures the disease. Chiropractors adjust the spine to relieve nerve irritation or pressure, which allow the body to function at a higher level. What happens after that, is not up to the chiropractor ,but the innate intellegence of the human body. Most chiropractors agree that certain medications are needed in some cases. However, the majority of medications are not needed. Why not help the patient by natural means, if you can??

I have seen thousands of patients come to my office as a last resort. They are tired on ingesting harmful medications, which don't work, or even cause other problems. It is very fulfilling to work in an environment where patients actully heal from the inside out. We do not treat ANY symptom, but correct the cause of the problem.

Just as in all professions, there are bad apples. Chiropractors included. An interesting fact to look at is the malpractice insurance a medic has to carry as opposed to a chiropractor. Even the insurance companies know that chiropractors carry very low liability when it comes to malpractice. What does that tell you??? Chiropractic is very safe,...and it works! I know from personal experience as well as thousands of cases I see come through my office. You need to wake up and realize, that people are tired of medications and surgery. Your web site is very disturbing, because you are giving people misleading information. Hopefully, when people see this information, they will have enough intelligence to educate themselves on what chiropractic really is. And before you start giving information about chiropractic and bashing it, It would be a good idea if you know something about it. Maybe one day you'll ge the BIG IDEA.

Angela Vitale
Chiropractic Assistant
Eastpointe, Michigan

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