We Are Too Good to Worry
about Your Little Vendetta

March 10, 1999

No matter what anyone will post as a comment, if he or she disagrees with your paranoia about the chiropractic profession then you will automatically label that person either a quack, a fool or deceived.

Best, I guess, would be to look at yourself sir. Anyone who chooses as his or her life's work the childish task of superhero to save the world from a profession as great as chiropractic needs truly to reflect on his or her own problems.

So much of what I read on your chirobase site was written in the style of a three year old throwing a tantrum.

Keep up your work. Your keeping yourself so very occupied with our profession will keep you "off the streets" and stop you from damaging others. We are too good at what we do as healers to worry about your little vendetta.

Our very happy (though, as you believe, duped) and thankful patients are what have built our profession. Your childish needs that you attempt to fulfill are unable to penetrate or cause damage to a profession that has weathered many a storm such as yours. Although I feel sorry for a human with needs such as yours, it is good that you remain controlled by your focus upon your vendetta. Stay focussed on your work, we'll stay focussed on our work of helping our suffering brethren.

I see suffering human-beings walk into my office who are crippled in pain and have been to "all the best" medical doctors over the YEARS and have been told that there is no hope and nothing can be done. So many times it has occurred that one hour later they walk out with tears of joy and thankfulness because the pain is finally subsiding. You have been known to say that this is the placebo effect or coincidental spontaneous recovery. That is foolish. Coincidental spontaneous recovery does not consistently occur in our offices. If it did, wouldn't that be wonderful. All the cancer and AIDS cases in the world would come to our offices for coincidental spontaneous recovery. I hope they leave a tip at the door.

So keep up your work. You obviously gain pleasure from it. Call me a quack or charlatan or whatever you like. You should hear what my patients call me: "Doctor, healer, friend, the guy who finally made them enjoy life again." Whatever.

PS: My original profession before chiropractic was in medical research—the neurophysiology of the visual cortex. The research I was involved in (you are welcome to check index medicas under my name or under the name of Professor Uri Yinon) was funded by Tel Aviv Medical School, NIH, The United States Army and The Israel Defense Forces. Our work was performed at the Tel Hashomer Hospital Eye Research Institute. I left the field of neurophysiology when I discovered a profession that took neurophysiology into a clinical setting and made it function optimally in individual patients - chiropractic. I come from your camp my friend. I studied and researched in the medical world. I presented at international medical conferences. I discovered that medicine has much to offer the world once it is sick. I chose a profession that brings humans back to wellness and then allows them a life that is more full than when they entered my office. Yes, some do need "maintenance care". The spines of some are too degenerated to fully heal. The next time you criticize that concept think about the pancreas that is too degenerated to heal and then criticize the use of insulin on a daily basis. That is a temporary fix if ever there was one. It also allows people to live and to have quality of life. It is no different than supportive care of the spine by a chiropractor.



Zachary D. Weiser, DC
Washington Square Chiropractic Center
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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