Now I Understand Why Quackwatch Is Needed

August 22, 2007

Dr. Barrett:

Where do I begin? While I was attending chiropractic school, I was turned on to your website by a professor, who was also a chiropractor, and I hated it. Once a week or so the class, medical ethics believe it or not, would discuss something posted on your web site. The discussion of coarse we biased and taught us to defend chiropractic with outlandish claims. This professor, who will remain nameless, made it seem as though you and your website were out to put an end to chiropractic.

Since then I have graduated, and life in the "real world" is not as they lead us to believe it would be. My views of your work has changed. I have worked for several doctors and quickly learned that honesty is something this profession lacks. I was an exam doctor for a practice in Houston, and when I completed an exam the lead doctor would review my exam forms and ask me to change them to indicate certain orthopedic and neurological exams were positive when in fact they were negative. I asked why and he told me that it would be easier to get paid if certain test were positive, thereby indicating a real medical issue. This doctor worked with several attorneys and did a lot of PI cases. I'm sure you know the fraud that went on with this. The kicker is that my signature was on these now fraudulent forms. I expressed my concern with this and he came back with: "This is how I do things, and if you don’t like it I guess we wont need your services any longer."

I then moved to Dallas and worked with a few other doctors. Overall, I would say that fraud is widespread among this profession. I was told that you couldn’t make a living unless you "fudge" records a bit. I graduated in 2005 and I am no longer practicing chiropractic. I guess my biggest problem is that I'm honest and ethical. I never thought these reasons would cause me to turn away from a profession in which I invested 6 years and $180,000. Now, reading your site, I understand why Quackwatch is needed.

I would like a job where I go in and "test" the doctor. Those who are dishonest or fraudulent should be shut down. A secret shopper, so to say. I don’t think this profession will ever get respect due to a few, or should I say several bad apples. Thank you for all of your work. And any suggestions as to how I can become the guru of testing the honesty and integrity of the profession would be appreciated.


Brian Wilson
Former chiropractor
Dallas, Texas

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