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ACA Leadership Adopts Policies on
"Chiropractic Medicine," Unity, and Subluxation

(ACA News Release, September 18, 2000 )

ARLINGTON, VA—Reaffirming the American Chiropractic Association's (ACA) subluxation-based, non-drug philosophy, the ACA House of Delegates ratified several important resolutions during the association's 37th annual meeting, September 7-10, in Denver, Colorado.

One of the resolutions affirms the ACA's no-drug policy and provides that if the term "chiropractic medicine" is used by state legislatures, it should not be interpreted to mean that drugs are utilized in chiropractic practice. The resolution concludes by stating:

In order to avoid confusion to the public, the American Chiropractic Association will encourage use of the terms "chiropractic," "chiropractor," "chiropractic physician," and "doctor of chiropractic" in publications, presentations and communications.

Recognizing that unity is in the best interest of the chiropractic profession, the ACA also is leading the efforts to unite the nation's chiropractors into one cohesive organization. A resolution approved by the House of Delegates states:

The American Chiropractic Association affirms its policy in favor of professional unity and invites the International Chiropractors Association to join the ACA in forming a "Unity Committee" that will be charged with the responsibility of developing a merger proposal that will be presented to both organizations for formal adoption at the earliest possible time.

The ACA leadership also reaffirmed the core principles of subluxation, which already exist in ACA's official definitions, and stated that standardization of the term within the chiropractic profession isn needed to combat efforts by chiropractic detractors to undermine the profession. The resolution regarding subluxation states:

ACA will strive to reiterate this principle [of subluxation as previously adopted] and further state that the core treatment of chiropractic is manual manipulation/adjustment of the articulations, both spinal and extra-spinal, to reduce subluxation, when called upon in relation to federal legislative efforts, in addition to full scope of practice as allowed by state law. References to subluxation and chiropractic adjustments/manipulation should be made in ACA releases, whenever possible.

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This article was posted on October 11, 2000.